Smart LED holiday Bow Tie with Neopixel Jewel and Feather Huzzah esp8266

This year I wanted something geek-ish for the holiday seasons, so I created a smart led bow tie which shows animations in all possible RGB variations and can be controlled with your smartphone.

For this project I got my inspiration from Adafruit’s Tony Dicola tutorial “MicroPython Smart Holiday Lights“. It holds all the information you need to know for this project. Definitely check it out.

The hardware for this project consists of my favorite IoT board the Feather Huzzah, NeoPixel Jewel (7 LED’s), a flat powerbank and of course, a really neat bow tie. The one I sacrificed was a Tommy Hilfiger one.

First I soldered the electrical wires on the Neopixel Jewel, than, and this is the reason the Jewel is great for this kinds of projects, I sewed it on my bow tie. Next, I soldered the other end of the three wires to the prepared Feather Huzzah.

Preparing the Feather Huzzah ESP8266 board is really easy if you follow this tutorial or my previous post [dutch].

The code I used is written in MicroPython and part in HTML. You can find it here. You just have to change the static configuration in the main MicroPython code to the correct values. In my case I only changed the number of pixels (leds). This is also the place for more advanced programmers to change or add more animations. In the HTML file I added some more colors. Basically, you can vary infinitely.